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Karma Hypnotherapy and Stress Consultancy

Karma offers support both physically and emotionally. A service that cares for you and your wellbeing.

Helping you work towards your goals. Karma offers help and support with…

Weight Loss   Stress   Fears   Self Confidence    Phobias    Fear of Success    Anxiety   Fear of Failure   Self Esteem  Self Worth   Habits    Smoking Cessation

As an experienced teacher with considerable management experience, I  began my career in hypnotherapy because I can see how the benefits of understanding the complexities of the human mind, can impact on life. This is evident whatever the nature of our work. I feel that this can cause great concern for us, as responsible and caring individuals.

From time to time we all need help and support to find and understand a clear pathway to a more settled and contented life. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome the unpleasant aspects we encounter, whether these are habitual or psychological.

Look forward to change and achieve your dream!

As I work with you, to help you overcome issues from smoking cessation; anxiety; stress; fears; phobias and many more. A personalised treatment plan will show you clearly how your aims will be met. We will work together to move you forward achieving your aspirations.


Session Information…If your initial consultation with me is by telephone there is no charge. This will involve gathering an initial assessment of your requirements and allowing you to see if you wish to move forward.

First sessions last approximately one and a half hours. Here we will talk about the issues that you wish to resolve and continue with your first hypnotherapy session. This session is charged at £100. Subsequent sessions are then charged at £30. These sessions last up to one hour. Should you require a stress consultation please contact Karma via telephone or email. Sessions are based on personalised written therapies and may last up to one and a half hours. These will be charged at an initial cost of £100 with subsequent sessions at £30.If you wish to have hypnotherapy for smoking cessation this is charged at £120 for a one off two hour session.

Should you contact me via email or text requiring an appointment, I shall respond as soon as possible and discuss your requirements with you. It is anticipated that you will receive between three and eight sessions depending on your requirements.Before you begin your work with me, an initial consultation form will be completed to gain a full picture of your concerns and lifestyle. From this both you and I will be able to work together to resolve your issues and enable you to move forward. The first session will then focus on relaxation and suggestion work to help you feel at ease and confident with the process. I will then create a client treatment plan that will address your needs over a specified time period [although this may vary according to your personal development and needs. Each session will be evaluated in a short but meaningful discussion, upon your re-orientation and in readiness for the following session. This will help with continuity and achieving your aims, whilst addressing any questions or concerns you may have.Together we will explore your reasons for pursuing hypnotherapy and work toward achieving your goals. We will discover what has held you back and work together to ensure your success.If you require stress consultations these too will be confidential and based on initial discussion related to your life, early issues ( child related ) and more immediate issues that you feel you may be struggling with. Remembering that with professionalism, confidentiality and an ethical approach, I allow you to feel free to deal with the goal you have in sight.

Also @ Karma ... Self @ Karma!   

Karma Self Hypnosis where you can be assured of confidentiality and personalised treatment. From weight loss; smoking cessation; self esteem; self image; confidence; phobias and many more ...Karma is here for you! Specialising in Imposter Syndrome and Self Esteem. Karma Self Hypnosis can offer you hypnotherapy within the comfort of your own home or place of work. If you feel that you are not able to travel or simply prefer your own environment; contact Karma and discuss your requirements in total confidence! A personalised relaxation induction and script will be emailed to you within 3 days. You can then enjoy your very own audio self hypnotherapy session. Cost inclusive of initial consultation [by phone or text] and subsequent personalised preparation will be £65. A written guide will be included in your email @ no additional cost



A 22 year career in education with a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and additional diplomas in Psychotherapy and Stress Consultancy

Ann J. Finch  Hypnotherapist
Dip. Hyp / Counselling Skills

Dip. Stress. Cons
Dip. Psychotherapy (Theory)

B.Ed (Hons)

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